New York, New York

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A 'quick' jaunt to New York for my post-op visit. We let Mike stay home from school so he could go with us. Left around 10:15, got to the city around 1:15. It rained the entire way down (we were pretty tired of driving in the rain over the past week!). Parked on 72nd Street, which we'll never do again! $35.00 for about an hour and a half! Jeesh! Had my appointment with Dr. Pearle - he showed us the pics from the surgery, before and after, and I also had the stitches taken out of my shoulder. It looked like my shoulder said 'hi' from the stitches! LOL!

After the appointment, we drove back out to Lake Hopatcong to go to the Jefferson Diner for linner! We'd been here on a previous trip to New York, but it's a gem of a diner in Jersey, so we decided to go back! We drove home after linner, and had some new and interesting scenery to drive through - the Garmin took us up Route 15 to 206 to Interstate 84. She gets kinda crazy some of the time, that silly Garmin!

Total Mileage: 369 Miles

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