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Las Vegas, Nevada

Tuesday, December 1, 2009 - Thursday, December 3, 2009

So, I'm going to throw in some 'driving' mileage on this trip because we ended up with an unexpected 'detour'. This adventure actually started out on Monday with taking Jill to the airport. Her flight was to leave from Avoca, on to Newark, and then into Las Vegas. However, her flight from Avoca was delayed to the point where she would have missed her connector to Las Vegas out of Newark. The viable option then? I drove her all the way to Newark instead! She got there in enough time to check in, grab a bite to eat, and make her flight. (I love it when a plan comes together! Even one we fashion on the fly!). After dropping her off in Newark, I drove right back to Binghamton since I had a flight leaving from there at 5:30 the next morning.

Bright and early, well not so bright since the sun wasn't up yet, but EARLY Tuesday morning I made my way to the aiport in Binghamton for my flight from there to Philly, and then onto Las Vegas. It's a rare occasion that I fly out of Binghamton, but we used frequent flyer miles on this one that made it possible. In Philly, I grabbed a South Philly Breakfast Sandwich from Chickie's and Pete's - it was a roll with scrambled eggs on the bottom and the philly cheesesteak fixins on top of that - very good! Arrived in Las Vegas around 10:30 their time and waited for Jill to pick me up from the airport for my ride back to the resort.

Our lodging this time around was the Red Rock Resort and Casino, quite a drive from the strip and downtown, but beautiful none the less. The bonus for its location was that it was literally two miles from Aunt Norma and Uncle Harold's house, so I was able to take some time to visit with them on Tuesday afternoon! First off though, Jill and I had lunch at Terra Rossa, the Italian restaurant at the Red Rock. Very good meal, I had tortiglioni con salsiccia, which was pasta with peas and sausages in tomato cream sauce, and Jill had a caesar salad.

At night, I met back up with Jill at the resort and we went to one of the bars there to have some drinks. Barb Cobuzzi, Suzan Berman, and another coder. After a few, we headed out of the resort for some 'us' time. We went straight to one of our favorite Vegas destinations - Fremont Street! Parked at Fitzgerald's like we always do and set out to see the other side of Vegas!!

Coming home, I flew US Airways flight 433, Seat 22D, from Vegas to Philly, and then US Airways flight 3979, Seat 11C, from Philly to Binghamton.

Total Mileage: 4670 Miles

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