Cooperstown, New York

Monday, February 1, 2009 - Tuesday, February 2, 2009

A quick jaunt to Cooperstown for us. Jill had to speak late on Monday, and again early on Tuesday, so we decided to grab a room in our old haunt and stay the night. I met up with Jill after she finished speaking on Monday and we went to the Hoffman Lane Bistro for dinner - one of the best places in Cooperstown for a meal! Plus, since this was the 'off season', it wasn't busy at all. Afterwards, we made our way to the Holiday Inn Express on Route 28 to spend the night. It was an okay hotel, complete with indoor pool and jacuzzi. Jill spoke the next morning as well, and I headed back to Bingo.

Total Mileage: 164 Miles

Total Miles Travelled:
150,380 Miles!

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