Bowie, Maryland

Saturday, February 14, 2009 - Monday, February 16, 2009

Our latest hockey tournament adventure took us to that hockey hotbed - Bowie, Maryland!! Well, not really. Actually in the grand scheme of things, Maryland is about the last place I would think there is a huge interest in hockey since the only pro team in that entire area is the Washington Capitals. That being said, this tournament has grown quite a bit over the past few years, and a favorite of the current Pee Wee B group.

The first game wasn't until Saturday night, so we left Binghamton Saturday morning, making the trek down 81 to 83. We stopped in York, PA for lunch at Damon's Grill before making the rest of the drive to the Hilton Garden Inn, on Riva Road in Annapolis. There wasn't one 'home' rink for this tourney, so the team found the best centrally located place for us to stay. It was an adequate place to stay, nothing out of the ordinary either way here.

Our first game was on Saturday night against the home team, the Bowie Bruins. The game was played at the Pinney Orchard Rink, which is in Odenton, Maryland. The Sens won the game by the score of [insert score here]. After the game, it was back to the hotel where the group had dinner together, the boys (and girl) went off to bed, and the parents stayed up and played cards and drank in the lobby.

On Sunday, we again only had one game scheduled, and it was pretty early in the morning - 8:20 AM - add into that being at the rink an hour or so prior to the game starting, and a 20 minute drive to get there, and it was an early morning! This game was played in College Park, Maryland at the Herbert Wells Ice Rink, an outdoor venue! Michael started this game against the State College Jr Icers, and played two periods before Nick took over for him in the third. The Sens won this game as well by the final score of [insert score here].

After the game, everyone headed back to the hotel before heading back out again as a team. This time, we all went to the ESPN Zone in the Inner Harbor in Baltimore. It was Cody Kisack's birthday, and his mom and dad treated all of the kids on the team to game cards there, while the parents found places to sit in the restaurant and eat lunch and drink. Jill and Michael and I walked around the Inner Harbor for a bit after lunch, and then drove back to the hotel.

Jill getting ready to shoot on the goalie

Mike and Nick discussing the finer points of shooting on a goalie

At night, the team gathered as a group again in the hotels lobby eating area and had dinner together. Jill and I wanted to grab something other than what they were having, so we drove over to Famous Dave's BBQ and ate there instead.

On Monday, we drove to the Bowie Ice Arena for our last 'qualifying' game against the Westmoreland Eagles. Michael played the entire game, a 10-0 victory for the Sens and shutout for Mike - way to go!! Again, all headed back to the hotel to have lunch together after the game before driving to Laurel, Maryland for the last game of the tournament.

Mike at the ready versus Westmoreland

The Sens played in the championship game against the Bowie Bruins, the same team they faced and beat on Friday night. The Sens were once again victorious, winning the game and the tournament. Way to go Sens!

After the game, and before we made the long drive home, Jill, Michael, and I went to Red, Hot, and Blue in Laurel, a BBQ restaurant chain. After dinner, we made the trek back to Binghamton, arriving home late on Monday night.

Total Miles: 788 Miles

Total Miles Travelled:
150,380 Miles!

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